Natural Beard, Hair, and Skincare Products

How We Got Started

I have eczema. I had it for years and nothing the doctors prescribed or recommended ever worked. It actually gave me acne. When I took meds for that, it made the eczema worse. So I started reading about anything that could flare up eczema. I also starting reading the ingredients of anything that even half way worked. Then I made my own smelly batch of oils, and that did the trick. I never had to go to the doctors for eczema again.

Until wasn't until I became a mom and my son at only a few months old had terrible rashes. He would claw at his skin until he cried. Everything the doctor recommended made it worse. That's when I went back to the books looking for anything that was safe and natural for my 3 month old son. It had to be strong enough to fix the severity of the rashes but, gentle enough it could be used on his face. 

I refined my old mix. Added several butters, anti fungal, essential and moisturizing oils to make him something wasn't that medicinal smelly glob I'd been using all those years. I wanted something that smelled great too. 

In making way too much of the whipped butter mix that I was going to add to his eczema butter. I offered friends the overage... Those friends then praised my creation swearing how great their skin felt, then requesting more. They began telling everyone they could about the butter. So I starting making it for friends... Then friends of friends...  Then family of friends and so on. 

As for my son... He hasn't been back to the doctor for his eczema in over a year now.