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Beard Butter 2 oz

Please specify your fragrance choice from the list or it will come unscented.

It's the best of both worlds... We mixed our Beard Oil with our Whipped Butter to make the perfect all natural, sheen inducing, conditioning coverage for the coarser, thicker, or more unruly beards. This mixture is slightly heavier than the Beard Oil but, it still is non-comedogenic. Once absorbed, the only thing left behind is a brilliant luster without leaving you feeling greasy.


After a shower or while the beard is slightly wet, scoop a small amount of Beard Butter onto your finger tip. Rub between the fingertips. Apply thoroughly to the beard and mustache. 

TAKE YOUR TIME. Try to coat every hair.

Best Use

Condition Beard with every face wash and showering. This will speed up and aid the softening and health of your beard.


This product will deflate or possibly melt in warm temperatures. It does not affect the safety or quality of the product, just the texture and appearance. If this happens simply place in refrigerator for 15 - 20 minutes until its solid again. Please keep this in mind when ordering during the warmer months. Thank you!***