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Body Wash / Shave Soap

Please choose a scent or combination from the fragrance list or it will come unscented.

***These Products Are Surfactant Free***

Treat your skin to this ultra moisturizing Shea body wash. This like our other products can be any scent or combination of your choice. To make your own signature fragrance. For anyone that loves super hydrated skin. Or anyone that lives in an area with hard water, which we all know sucks the moisture out of your skin... Infused with cocoa and shea butters, along with skin repairing Vitamin E. This Body Wash will be hydration heaven and prevent the dry cracked skin of hard water living. 

Seal your moisture with our Whipped Butter and it will last all day into the night. 

This Body Wash is a true miracle worker.

(Can be used as a shampoo. Free from sulfates, it will actually add moisture instead of stripping oils from hair.)

Best Use

Use a poof or similar scrubber, if you prefer some lather to enjoy your showering experience.

The Medicinal Wash is an anti-bacterial skin calming mixture for anyone that has troubled or acne prone skin. I use it myself for my face and back.

Directions: Pour a nickel sized amount, and rub in circular motions with clean fingers. Best used with a rotating face brush. 

For your back, use a poof or rotating body brush with extension. 

The Shave Soap has the moisture of the Body Wash and the anti-bacterial component of the Medicinal Wash. It also has all natural anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, and anti-hemorrhagic ingredients. 

Directions: Clean face thoroughly. Hold a hot (Please make sure it is not scolding or going to burn you) towel or wash cloth onto your face. Quickly apply Shave Soap to areas you are about to razor, by rubbing onto face with clean finger tips. Shave, then rinse face thoroughly. Go about your face routine usual.

(Might I suggest using our Medicinal Lotion as your follow up moisturizer)