Natural Beard, Hair, and Skincare Products

Father's Day Sale


Don't know what to get for the dad, dads, grand dads in your life???

Forget the tie, get him the tools he needs for a great beard and healthy huggable skin.

No Beard $15   

1 - Charcoal Wash 4oz 

1 - Fragrance Spray 2oz

1 - Whipped Butter OR Butter Lotion 4oz

Bearded $25   

1 - Beard Butter 2 oz

1 - Charcoal Wash 4 oz

1 - Fragrance Spray 2 oz

1 - Whipped Butter OR Butter Lotion 4 oz


Whipped products will deflate or possibly melt in warm temperatures. It does not affect the safety or quality of the product, just the texture and appearance. If this happens simply place in refrigerator for 15 - 20 minutes until it's solid again. We suggest the butter lotion for the summer. As it wears thinner on the skin, and holds better through hot transit. Please keep this in mind when storing and or ordering during the warmer months. Thank you!

Noting the opposite can be true in the cold months. Some of the oils freeze or fuse. So place in a warm storage area or vigorously rub together until all components melt together.***