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  • Gift Baskets


    Make your own combination or gift baskets. You choose your scents, your size, your items... It's ALLLL about what you love.

    Want different options in your gift basket? 

    Want to pick and choose what you like in your basket? 

    Want to make amends for partaking in the office punch one too many times, and wasting office printer paper on countless pics of your bum?

    Or do you just simply want to walk around with a large basket of goodies and pass them out like a Boss Office Santa!!!

    Well here you are!!! 

    The Large 10.5" L x 8" W x 5" H Dark Rectangular Gift Basket!!! 

    (Suitable for 10 - 2oz, 6 - 4oz, and up to 4 - 8oz Jars/Bottles)

    The Small 9" L x 7" W Light Oval Basket which is more suited for a personal sized gift.

    (Can fit 5 - 2oz jars, 3 - 4oz jars and 5 to 10 of our Spray bottles depending on 4 or 2 oz size)