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Summer Sampler Sale

If you would like to choose 2 Butter Lotions and a Whipped Butter or any variation of the two... Please enter your variation here.
Please choose a scent or combination from the sale or fragrance list.

Curious about a few different fragrances???


Take advantage of our amazing Summer Sampler Sale.

6 for 2 oz $20 Whipped Butter OR Butter Lotions 

Try a new scent, Mix 2 or more, and to create a whole new scent just for you.

We have over 150 Fragrances to choose from.

Please look at here for the full and ever changing list:


Whipped Butter will deflate or possibly melt in warm temperatures. It does not affect the safety or quality of the product, just the texture and appearance. If this happens simply place in refrigerator for 15 - 20 minutes until its solid again. Please keep this in mind when storing and or ordering during the warmer months. Thank you!***